Coleção: Advantages

Our Advantages

  • Corporate strategic approach

    Proactive planning to align business goals with market opportunities for sustainable growth.

  • Strong teams

    Highly skilled and motivated employees who collaborate effectively to achieve company objectives.

  • Efficient logistics system

    Optimized processes and technologies that streamline the flow of goods for timely delivery.

  • Flexible logistics operations

    Adaptability to changing market conditions, allowing for quick adjustments and cost-effective solutions.

What clients say


    Sodium Solutions Inc. is a fully integrated chemical supplier, toll blender, and packager. Based in Western Canada, we serve the oil and gas, and industrial industries, as well as the agriculture and forestry sectors. We sell a broad range of commodity, specialty drilling, oil field cementing and industrial chemicals. Sodium Solutions’ Acheson, Alberta facility can blend dry products for multiple applications, including, but not limited to, engineered oil field drilling, stimulation, and cementing additives. Our 26,000-square-foot packing plant in Camrose handles bulk repacking, as well as customer-specific requests of dry chemicals. We offer superior customer service along with outstanding procurement, distribution services, and competitive pricing.

    Sodium Solutions Inc.


BRICHEM, a global distributor of food additive and chemicals, has achieved significant growth by employing a proactive strategic approach, strong teams, efficient logistics system, and flexible operations. Their extensive network, customized solutions, and strategic investments in supply chain facilities have enabled them to serve a broad customer base and become a trusted distributor in the industry.